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We guide top organizations to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions. We deliver resilient strategies, robust metrics, useful tools, and credible communications.

In a nutshell, we're the creative geeks. Our clients trust us to take the latest science and make it actionable.


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Exciting to work with IKEA to calculate their indirect carbon footprint and define long-term actions.

Gregory Simonnin

When we use our Life Cycle Perception business game, we immediately see how powerful gamification is to motivating teams.

Thibault Compagnon

Quantis helps clients leverage the latest science to include human health impacts as part of their environmental sustainability strategies.

Alexi Ernstoff, PhD

Healthy soil = healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet. Let’s explore the benefits of regenerative agriculture together.

Mariko Thorbecke

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a resilient food system and a critical tool for mitigating climate change.

Edith Martin

Brainstorming ideas across offices on how to execute corporate footprinting projects more efficiently. #globalretreat2018

Shreya Sonar

By developing cutting-edge methodology for biodiversity assessment, Quantis helps companies to take leadership in environmental stewardship.

Vincent Rossi

Is the type of hamburger the planet eats the best indicator of our progress on a sustainable food system?

Jon Dettling

Going open-source with the NEC metric for investors is a great opportunity to help shift trillion$! #butterflyeffect

Benjamin Lenoel

Working on developing a standard to measure the benefits of water stewardship and achieve effective water balance.

Jean-Baptiste Bayart

The Plastic Leak Project has launched to be a catalyst for positive change in the growing plastic crisis.

Laura Peano

EPDs are important, but don't stop there - that LCA can get more mileage. Ask me how.

Amanda Pike

By driving more transparency on avoided emissions calculations, we're improving product sustainability for the chemical industry.

Sebastien Humbert, PhD

The IPCC’s land report and devestating fires in the Amazon call for business to ramp up action on deforestation by measuring + disclosing impacts in the supply chain.

Michèle Zollinger

Through geoFootprint, we’re using spatially-sensitive data to accelerate sustainable crop management and make agriculture supply chains more sustainable.

Carole Dubois

Always excited to share knowledge and raise awareness of sustainability through trainings for clients as well as students.

Elsée Ekambi

After one year, SPICE has engaged 15 major cosmetics companies from around the world to shape the future of sustainable packaging.

Dimitri Caudrelier

Sports inspire, innovate and rise to any challenge! So why not collaborate on science-driven goals and raise the bar for a sustainable future?

Violaine Magaud

The apparel industry is taking great steps into measuring impacts, setting targets and implementing strategies to move towards a sustainable future.

Annabelle Stamm

#BIONICO : great cross-European collaboration on an innovative project converting bio-waste into green pure hydrogen!

Xun Liao

Are you a creative geek? We might have a hot job for you! Check out our openings in our growing team in Lausanne!

Arnaud Dauriat

“The scientific and transparent approach of Quantis, together with their responsiveness, was exactly what we were looking for when we decided to improve our Scope 3 assessment.”

Chiara Parapini
Corporate EHS Director EMEA  – Stanley Black & Decker