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We guide top organizations to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions. We deliver resilient strategies, robust metrics, useful tools, and credible communications.

In a nutshell, we're the creative geeks. Our clients trust us to take the latest science and make it actionable.


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Bringing focus to the urgent topic of deforestation and land use change with our upcoming Guidance

Michèle Zollinger

#BIONICO : great cross-European collaboration on an innovative project converting bio-waste into green pure hydrogen!

Xun Liao

Working with businesses to get onboard the PEF/OEF, the gold standard for issuing robust metrics across entire value chains.

Carole Dubois

Working on developing a standard to measure the benefits of water stewardship and achieve effective water balance.

Jean-Baptiste Bayart

When we use our Life Cycle Perception business game, we immediatly see how powerful gamification is to motivating teams

Dimitri Caudrelier

Quantis Colombia is actively working with the Latin agri-food sector to deliver robust sustainability data and bold action plans.

Simon Gmünder

Excited to work with clients on second and third generation bioplastics!

Laura Peano

I am proud to develop footprinting metrics to help apparel become more sustainable

Rainer Zah, PhD

Quantis inspires its employees and clients to continuously improve. We have built something special these past 10 years!

Gregory Simonnin

By driving more transparency on avoided emissions calculations, we’re shifting position lines for the chemical industry to improve the sustainability of its products.

Sebastien Humbert, PhD

Our new office on the Boston waterfront inspires us every day. Come check it out if you're in town!

Melissa Zgola

As investors develop their expertise on enviro issues, LCA will become part of their standard risk assessments #prophecy

Benjamin Lenoel

Always fulfilling to facilitate dynamic sessions to leverage eco-design for products.

Roxane Titz

Quantis helps clients leverage the latest science to include human health impacts as part of their environmental sustainability strategies.

Alexi Ernstoff, PhD

Celebrating 10 years of Quantis with a beautiful party in Lausanne: we look to inspire + be inspired for many more!

Sarra Harbi

Quantis helps clients leverage the latest science to include human health impacts as part of their environmental sustainability strategies.

Alexi Ernstoff, PhD

EPDs are important, but don't stop there - that LCA can get more mileage. Ask me how.

Amanda Pike

Happy to participate in developing new renewable energy solutions with other european countries.

Edith Martin

With 100+ registrants, 
our 1st webinar mini-series successfully launched a new collaboration with the Italian CSR Manager Network!

Simone Pedrazzini

By developing cutting-edge methodology for biodiversity assessment, Quantis helps companies to take leadership in environmental stewardship.

Vincent Rossi

Sports inspire, innovate and rise to any challenge! So why not collaborate on science-driven goals and raise the bar for a sustainable future?

Violaine Magaud

“We have a long-term partnership with Quantis built on a set of shared values: quality, innovation, cooperation, passion and respect.”

Heinz Zeller
Head of Sustainability & Logistics – Hugo Boss