UBQ Materials

Helping a start-up define and measure credible environmental proof-points to build a strong sustainability narrative

UBQ Materials tapped Quantis’ expertise in sustainability science and storytelling to validate the environmental proof-points of its proprietary technology and share its complex story to stakeholders in a compelling and credible way.


“As a start-up with a novel but complex story to tell, it is imperative for us to partner with smart and motivated teams. Quantis has been a true partner, helping us refine and validate our sustainability proof-points and storyline, which is a key element of our selling proposition. They have expertise in both environmental sustainability and life cycle thinking as well as storytelling and communications.”

Christopher Sveen, Chief Sustainability Officer
UBQ Materials

1+ Challenge

UBQ Materials is an innovative start-up creating value-added bioplastic materials out of municipal waste. One of the core benefits of UBQ’s proprietary process is reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfill waste. In order to prove this benefit, UBQ needed a complete, peer-reviewed life cycle analysis of its material and process. 

The real challenge was finding a clear, compelling and credible way to share this complex story with potential clients, investors and the world at large.

2+ Insights

UBQ Materials has developed a breakthrough process that has the potential to change the way waste is managed globally and significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions as a result. Its proprietary technology is so new and unique that many people struggle to understand it or believe it to be true. 

UBQ Materials needed the “stamp of approval” from a recognized global leader in environmental assessments. They also needed help to tell their story in a clear and credible way.  

3+ Actions

Quantis first reviewed the UBQ life cycle assessment to ensure the data was of high quality and the results were accurate.

Next, Quantis helped UBQ develop its environmental narrative backed by credible proof-points and brought it to life in digital infographics, a brochure and a custom-designed animated and illustrated video.

Life Cycle Assessment of UBQ Material

Illustrated UBQ video

Finally, Quantis developed an innovative “Climate Impact Data Sheet” (to provide to customers along with the Technical and Safety Data Sheets) to bring environmental transparency from the factory floor to the CEO’s desk.

Climate Impact Data Sheet (CIDS)

4+ Impact

Quantis’ work has been integral in enabling UBQ to solidly position itself as an industry-leading provider of the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market today. 

Through this work, UBQ has gained global visibility and media coverage, leading to significant new business opportunities, exemplified through recent contracts signed with companies including McDonald´s and other leading FMCGs.