CDP Water reveals the Top 8 ranked companies globally with Quantis

CDP has announced the Top 8 companies in the first global ranking of the CDP Water reporting initiative.  These global corporations, from 4 different industries, have achieved an A rating for their efforts in water management. These companies have recognized the importance of mitigating the risk of water scarcity and volatility also to seize the opportunities that solid water management can deliver.

The CDP declares that water is becoming a priority issue in sustainability and disclosure. In their press release, CDP explains that “This year 617 institutional investors asked 1,073 of the world’s largest publicly listed companies across industry sectors with high water vulnerability or impacts to disclose how they are adapting and responding to worsening water security. CDP’s new global water report analyzes the 405 company responses to this request – over twice the number of companies analyzed in 2014.

Quantis CEO, the CDP Water Partner in France was asked to weighs in on why companies should be taking action on water:

“Investors pay attention to a business’ capacity to build resilience and mitigate risks. The low cost of water is clouding some of the risks that companies are facing. There are many indirect costs related to water risks: brand reputation, supply chain price volatility, production shutdowns, and extreme events.

What’s exciting for the field of water management is that the science, tools and methodologies have evolved to accurately process life cycle water assessments. Smart companies are relying on these metrics to build solid water stewardship programs and strategies”

To learn more about how Quantis helps companies with water life cycle assessments and water stewardship, please contact one of our water experts.

Discover the eight companies from the CDP Water A List on the CDP press release.