Life Cycle Perception Game: Award-winning sustainability engagement tool

Cooperation for sustainability initiatives can quickly be derailed if there is not a common understanding.  Speaking the same language, understanding each word, each stage of product or process and having a clear, visual picture of how these impacts every part of an organization is key to create solid engagement and cooperation.

The Life Cycle Perception (LCP) business game is a proven tool to break down silo barriers of understanding and commitment and to foster unparalleled engagement.

Life Cycle Perception Game

"The LCP business game is making sustainability fun and accessible at Nestlé! It was the perfect way to create strong internal understanding and engagement for our LCA and environmental product footprint projects."

Francois-Marie Neycensas
Sustainability Manager, Nestlé

LCP designed for managers, employers, investors and consumers

The LCP is a 4-step business board game that can be played with diverse stakeholders: management, employees, investors and consumers.

The ideal setting for playing the LCP game is a workshop, with participation from multiple functions and roles. This environment boosts engagement for sustainability initiatives and fosters life cycle, or systemic, thinking.

For consumers, the LCP game has been used in consumer focus group for brands to get a clearer picture of what their consumers understand about sustainable products and what they expect from the brand in terms of actions and communication.

Life Cycle Perception Game

"One game played teaches people more than 20 slides."

Stefan Schuster

Over 12,000 LCP players –- including 10 astronauts!

The LCP game has been played by over 12,000 people around the world – which means that many people have an increased appreciation for sustainable change. The game has been played at brands in food, fashion, beauty, IT/electronics, and even at the European Space Agency!

Get your stakeholders on board with sustainability