Companies commit at Climate Week

Back from Climate Week in New York, Quantis consultant Annabelle Stamm reports that science-based goals are effectively structuring the corporate drive toward sustainable strategies. Sessions throughout the week focused not only on streamlining corporate commitments for positive change, but also on tools for specific action plans to reach these goals.

And of course, commitments were made. Major industrial players – including the IKEA Group – made pledges to use 100% electric transportation (EV 100) and renewable power (RE 100), as part of a larger effort toward climate neutrality.

Six apparel majors – Gap, Inc. and NIKE, Inc. among them – announced that they would join the Science-Based Targets initiative during Climate Week (see press release). Quantis continues to support fashion brands for their environmental sustainability efforts and leads the World Apparel and Footwear Database project. In addition, we have recently been commissioned by ClimateWorks to conduct a footprint assessment of the entire sector. 

Other topics gaining traction were Sustainable Development Goals and waste-free supply chains, with speakers stressing that as much as a third of our global food production is either lost or wasted every year. Committed companies now look to multi-stakeholder partnerships to address the complex topic of food loss beyond the scope of their direct operations.