Earth Day videos: planetary boundaries and climate action

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, communities and organizations around the world are planning massive digital campaigns and virtual events united around the same theme: Climate Action.

While fossil fuels and energy consumption are key levers in addressing the climate crisis, action on climate needs to be systemic — addressing other environmental issues such as land, biodiversity and water — if we are going to reach global climate goals.

In this episode of the Food for Thought series, Senior Sustainability Consultant Marcial Vargas-Gonzalez presents the business imperative for addressing other planetary boundaries and uses concrete examples to explain why food businesses need this holistic approach to climate action.

To dig deeper into climate action for food companies, check out related episodes in the Food for Thought series below and download the Quantis Dig In Food Report.

Ready to align your strategy with planetary boundaries?
Let Marcial be your guide

“If we don't manage other environmental issues like water, biodiversity, land, then we won't be able to reach our climate goals. These systems are closely intertwined and we need a systemic view.”

Marcial Vargas-Gonzalez, Senior Sustainability Consultant


Quantis’ Climate Strategy Lead Charlotte Bande shares insights and best practices to accelerate progress on climate action and get your whole company to go bold on climate.


Senior Sustainability Consultant Michèle Zollinger talks about the added value of integrating land-use change and deforestation-related impacts into climate strategy.


Quantis soil expert Mariko Thorbecke shares how food companies take on the challenges + capture the opportunities in soil health.

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