How can Life Cycle Assessment support policy making

Bogotá, Colombia • 21 Mar 2018

Join the workshop to learn, share and discuss the added value offered by the Life Cycle assessment in the context of environmental policy decisions.

The event is organised with the National Planning Department and the Swiss Embassy in Colombia together with the ecoinvent, the Cleaner Production Center in Colombia (CNPML) and the University of los Andes.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce “life cycle thinking” and to illustrate the added value of environmental footprints in the elaboration of policies. During the workshop the participants will know how the environmental footprint is calculated, what the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology are and how these tools are used to make fact-based decisions. The topics include cost-benefit analysis of policies, environmental declarations of products, eco-innovation, hot spot analysis and private sector case studies.

The workshop is open to public, but dedicated to governmental institutions: