Life Cycle Management 2017

Luxembourg, Luxembourg • 03 Sep 2017 - 06 Sep 2017


Quantis leads science at LCM 2017 conference in Luxembourg. Don’t miss our keynote, presentations and posters on:

  • Helping companies integrate Planetary Boundaries into decision-making (session chaired/presented by Marcial Vargas-Gonzalez)
  • Keynote on Communication (Session by Carole Dubois)
  • How to embed land use change / deforestation-related emissions from corporate supply chains into corporate footprints and corporate GHG targets in an accurate and credible manner (Presented by Jean-Baptiste Bayart)
  • On the way towards an open marketplace: How to make the LCA world modular? (Presented by Rainer Zah)
  • Developing a Packaging Eco-Design Process to Achieve Danone’s Sustainability Commitments (Co-presented by Jean-Baptiste Bayart & Benoit Piette from Danone)
  • Recycling textile waste into secondary material: Experience from the innovative RESYNTEX project using circular economy concepts (Presented by Sarra Harbi)
  • A shared and recognised support data standard as a necessary first step towards exchange of LCA data and information (Presented by Rainer Zah)

The Life Cycle Management conference series is the leading forum worldwide bringing together 600+ scholars and practitioners from 40+ countries working in industry, academia and public institutions in the domain of life cycle sustainability and circular economy. Contact Marcial Vargas Gonzalez for more information.

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