Present and future of the food supply chain: from Fork to Farm to Regeneration

Virtual, Italy • 06 Sep 2021

Online, September 6th (To Be Confirmed) from 3:30 to 5 PM CET

With the global food system responsible for an estimated 28% (and potentially up to 35%) of global greenhouse gas emissions, the food and beverage sector has a critical role to play in capping global temperature rise to 1.5˚C by 2030.

But what does this number mean for business? How does it break down across the value chain, from fork to farm? And where do major hotspots lie, in terms of not only emissions, but also water consumption, biodiversity loss and land-use change?

During this insightful session, Quantis and Regenerative Society Foundation will dig into the landscape of sustainability priorities for the food and beverage industry, working backward from the plate to the field. We’ll explore the practices with the greatest potential impact at key stages of the food value chain and discuss how to create a food system that optimizes both human and environmental health. And to help businesses get to work, we’ll share how to shape effective sustainability strategies, set meaningful goals, track progress and communicate about efforts in a credible and engaging way.

From fork to farm

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