Paris, France • 07 Sep 2020 - 08 Sep 2020

Quantis France is excited to announce its attendance at PRODURABLE, an essential annual gathering for any sustainability practitioner in France. Visit the French team at our booth PU69 during this 2-day event to discuss with us how we can help you with your sustainability strategy or attend our workshops to learn about new solutions and market insights.

+ QUANTIS WORKSHOP: Let’s talk about your climate strategy! How to shape effective narratives and engage your audiences
7 September 2020 / 10:30-11:15

Carbon neutrality, net zero, climate objectives, impact reduction, … Words are not lacking when it comes to climate strategy. But what is the meaning behind these words? How to use them? And above all, how to align your communication strategy with your climate strategy to get your stakeholders on board? These are the questions we will try to answer, through concrete examples from companies such as GORE-TEX or Arla Foods. You will leave the workshop with clearer ideas on: 

  1. The role of communication at each stage of your climate strategy 
  2. The meaning of climate-related terms and their common usage 
  3. Effective tools ideas to get your stakeholders involved, both internally and externally, in your climate strategy

Moderated by Antoine Blois – Senior Consultant / Project Manager, Quantis and Laura Chatain – Sustainability Communications & Engagement Lead, Quantis

+ QUANTIS WORKSHOP: Food – How to transform a sector at the heart of environmental issues?
7 September 2020 / 15:30-16 :15

The agricultural value chain is one of the main contributors to current environmental issues, its transformation will be essential to achieve the critical objective of 1.5°C by 2030. This requires bold action to be taken by courageous actors across the entire food value chain. 

Quantis comes into play when business leaders are ready to take action – by committing to comply with global limits, accelerating their progress and collaborating with all players on pre-competitive projects. Our mission is to inspire sustainable transformation. In this session we will discuss the challenges of this transformation:

  1. Why is the current system not resilient?
  2. What transformation is needed to create a sustainable food system?
  3. At what levels must companies take action to achieve this transformation?

Moderated by Edith Martin – Food & biodiversity lead, senior sustainability consultant and Marcial Vargas – Absolute Sustainability Advisor, Quantis

+ QUANTIS WORKSHOP: How to measure your digital impact and start your digital transformation?
8 September 2020 / 10:30-11 :15

The digital transition is currently underway with an increasingly important dematerialization; transition from 4G to 5G, growth of streaming platforms, etc. But does dematerialization mean less impact on the planet? In its role of measuring sectorial stakes and understanding companies’ environmental issues, Quantis invites you to discover during this workshop:

  1. What is the hidden side of digital?
  2. How to demystify the digital industry?
  3. What is the role of the digital transformation to cope with environmental challenges?

Moderated by Marion Leblon – Senior Sustainability Consultant, Quantis and Marcial Vargas – Absolute Sustainability Advisor, Quantis


Marcial Vargas Quantis

Marcial Vargas
Absolute Sustainability Advisor

Marion Leblon
Senior Sustainability Consultant

Edith Martin
Food & Biodiversity Lead, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Antoine Bois Lemarquis
Senior Consultant – Project Manager

Laura Chatain
Sustainability Communications & Engagement Lead