Paris, France • 04 Apr 2018 - 05 Apr 2018

With 6 plenary sessions, 15 roundtables, 64 solutions-oriented workshops and 4 talk-shows expected this year, PRODURABLE is an essential annual gathering for any sustainability practitioner in France. Quantis France will be in attendance, garnering new solutions and market insights to help continually develop their services. Through a variety of formats, the event aims to challenge experts and corporate decision-makers to embrace the “Primum Non Nocere” principle and consider their sustainability commitment in terms of doing no harm first — and only then doing good. 2018 will focus on health as a core component of sustainability, also highlighting the agri-food and utilities sectors for the major role their have to play in mainstreaming responsible consumption. For the first time, PRODURABLE will also be launching a new brand responsibility award in the 1er Grand Prix de la RSM ®.