Sustainability in Packaging 2019

Barcelona, Spain • 12 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019

Join the Quantis team during this Sustainability in Packaging conference. The conference returns to the picturesque city of Barcelona and will offer brand owners, retailers, packaging converters, manufacturers, suppliers and recyclers, a unique opportunity to discover and discuss the solutions to the biggest challenges faced by the packaging supply chain.

On Tuesday, November 12, Laura Peano will co-host a pre-conference workshop on bio-based plastic packaging with Corbion.

On Wednesday, November 13, Quantis will present the Plastic Leak Project (PLP). Launched by Quantis and EA, PLP will contribute to the global effort to fight plastic pollution with a unique approach of developing smart metrics to enable industries and governments to forecast and map leakages along their life cycle. These metrics will (i) allow identification and prioritization of actions (e.g. for ecodesign purposes), and (ii) ensure the communication of progress is standardized and allows for disclosure and benchmarks.

Jean-Baptiste Bayart will also present the RESPACKT tool with FrieslandCampina on Thursday, November 14. RESPACKT is a science-based assessment tool to measure, compare and monitor the environmental performance of packaging. RESPACKT is used to analyse single and multiple packaging, up to whole packaging portfolios.