Choose your own adventure with Quantis at Sustainable Brands Paris

Paris, France • 23 Apr 2019 - 25 Apr 2019

You’re invited to join a group of unlikely heroes on a 4-part epic journey to change your company, transform your industry, and tackle some of the planet’s biggest problems. On April 24, Quantis and friends* (Bledina + Bel Group Nespresso France IceBug + L’Oréal + Boehringer Ingelheim Le Slip Français UN Environment).  will be hosting the Lifestyle Hub with dynamic sessions on internal engagement + brand positioning + ecodesign + consumer communications – 4 chapters filled with boots-on-the-ground stories, practical exercises, and industry-specific insights. You will walk away with new inspiration and ideas to build your own team and strategy to make true sustainable change within your organization. Who will tell the stories? Which games will we play? That’s up to you! In this “choose your own adventure” series, attendees decide where the adventure goes next.

Join Quantis on this adventure to explore tough problems with creativity and cool.

This year, Sustainable Brands will be in Paris, the city of COP21. This event is expected to be the largest European conference on sustainability and innovation. But we’re not meeting just anywhere – we’re gathering at The Louvre. Surrounded by some of the most creative and innovative art the world has ever known, you’re invited to take risks and dream big. These aren’t ordinary times for our planet, so these won’t be ordinary conference sessions.

The adventure starts on April 24 at the Lifestyle Hub. Where do we go next? You decide.

[11:15 am] Gathering your (unlikely) allies
Internal engagement to drive comprehensive change from the inside

[12:15 pm] Finding your collective battle cry
Building true and credible sustainable brand positioning that responds to the greater need

[2:00 pm] Arming your team for good with smart tools
Achieving next-generation eco-design in the consumer goods sector

[3:00 pm] Building a community engaged to change
Communicating with consumers to make smarter lifestyle choices

Are you in? Contact Sustainability Consultant Camille Mouly to get your Quantis discount to SB Paris 2019.

Madeline Pron, Marketing director – Bledina / Gabriela Hernandez Galindo , CSR Director – Danone Water / Elodie Parre, CSR Director – Bel Group / Christopher Sveen, Chief Sustainability Officer – UBQ / Helene Coulbault, Corporate communication and marketing director, Nespresso France / Dick Ivarsson, Head of Communications – IceBug / Gregory Arnal, Deputy Group Purchasing Director & Corporate Packaging Sourcing Director – L’Oréal / Carole Neyrinck, CSR Director – Boehringer Ingelheim / Violete Watine, General Manager – Le Slip Français / Julia Palle, Sustainability Lead – Formula E / Beatriz Martins Carneiro, Programme Management Officer – Ecolabelling & Consumer Information Resources and Markets Branch – UN Environment. 

Quantis France Director talks strong commitment and positive energy