Virtual, Spain • 05 Oct 2020 - 18 Oct 2020

Quantis will be active during the WeCosmoprof (digital edition), the leading event dedicated to all areas of the cosmetics and professional beauty industry: Perfumery and Cosmetics, Natural/Organic Products, Packaging, Machinery, Contract and Private Label Manufacturing, Raw Materials, Beauty and Spas, Hair and Nails.

On October 13th  (6-6 PM CEST), Quantis’ CEO Dimitri Caudrelier will present insights from the Make Up the Future cosmetics report that highlights critical actions for beauty brands to consider to transform toward sustainability.

A New World for Future Generations and Economic Recovery

Tue 13 October // 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST // 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

In a pandemic-stricken world, the beauty industry is acknowledging that caring about us means caring for people and the planet. The pandemic has broadened and changes the definition of sustainability, as social concerns take precedence over environmental. Beauty consumers are more aware than ever of a company’s practices and whether they benefit the greater good, both their own employees and the community at large. Therefore, brands should accelerate, rather than abandon, their focus on sustainability and social initiative.

For the beauty industry, the sustainability conversation often revolves heavily around reducing plastics and packaging, but the widespread economic fallout and rising death and illness rates from the coronavirus is forcing that conversation to expand to include social issues.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2019

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