Quantis Focus Areas

Absolute Zero

Build a climate strategy for business resilience and maximize your potential contribution to the fight on climate change with Absolute Zero.



Quantis is working with leading companies to co-create innovative biodiversity impact assessments that guide meaningful resilience strategies and actions.

Biodiversity Consulting and Biodiversity Strategy

Materiality Assessment

A materiality assessment is an excellent tool for engaging stakeholders across your value chain and identifying critical issues for your business.

Materiality Assessment


An effective plastics strategy is one that bolsters business value by minimizing risks, building business resilience and driving innovation. Quantis guides organizations across diverse sectors on their journey to define and implement robust strategies founded on science — from assessing impacts and benchmarking performance, through to engaging key stakeholders all along the process.


Science-Based Targets

Science-based goals define strategies based on planetary boundaries. See how Quantis can help your company measure, define, report and reach its own.


Supply Chain

Environmental stewardship lies in supply chains. Get Quantis to identify hotpots in your value chain: ensure resilient supply and procurement policies.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Finance

Discover how Quantis partners with financial players to translate the latest environmental science into actionable insights for decision making.


Water Stewardship

We have a multi-faceted team ready to help you develop and share your sustainability stories. We each bring an expertise on a specific area of communications and are versatile enough to support where its needed.