Aligning Business Goals with Science

Science-based target setting is an approach that aligns a business’ sustainability strategy with environmental science. This approach is based on the planetary boundaries framework and starts with climate targets aimed at keeping global temperatures at well below 1.5°C warming. This science-based approach represents a real paradigm shift in goal-setting and requires bold, systemic change in business models.

Many leading companies are defining bold climate strategies and GHG emissions reductions targets through the Science Based Targets initiative. Quantis guides companies to align their sustainability strategies with long-term science-based targets (SBTs) and build operational climate action plans. Our team also leads awareness-raising workshops and training sessions on science-based goal-setting.

To help you navigate this process, here is a collection of our latest SBT resources.

Companies now look to science to understand what level of reduction ambition leads to a truly sustainable business.

The science-based sustainability journey

Setting science-based goals starts with assessing your hotspots and building the business case for science-based action. Once you have buy-in from your leadership, you set targets, build a roadmap to achieve those targets, get your operations teams on board, and, finally, implement your action plan, monitoring and adjusting as you go.

To help you navigate this process,
here’s a collection of our latest SBT resources.

Let’s talk SBT

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