Video: How Food Companies Build Ambitious Climate Strategies

“The most common question I get when speaking with food companies about their climate strategy is ‘how do I get buy-in?’” In this episode of Food For Thought, Quantis’ Climate Strategy Lead Charlotte Bande shares insights and best practices to accelerate progress on climate action and get your whole company to go bold on climate. She answers:

1+ How do I get everyone on board?
2+ What is the best approach to tackling value chain emissions?
3+ How do food companies set science-based targets?

We cover the entire climate strategy journey from setting big, bold goals and tracking progress on supply chain emission reductions to communicating credibly about your work in our Dig In Food Report.

“A lot of companies are in the same situation with similarly complex supply chains.
So partner up and you'll be able to share knowledge, to share experiences and to go faster.”

Quantis Team

Ready to build an ambitious climate strategy? Let’s talk!

Charlotte Bande
Climate Strategy Lead

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