FReSH: Quantis joins WBCSD and EAT initiative for healthy, sustainable diets

Quantis is proud to be a partner in an unprecedented project: FReSH – the Food Reform for Sustainability and Health program. Under the leadership of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the EAT Foundation (EAT), FReSH brings together a consortium of companies from business and science that will work collectively “to accelerate transformational change in global food systems, to reach healthy, enjoyable diets for all, that are produced responsibly within planetary boundaries.”

The WBCSD outlines the program :

FReSH is a platform for the private sector to achieve this transformation in a safe and pre- competitive space. In cooperation with science, academia, policy-makers and civil society, FReSH will catalyze change across the food systems, taking into account local eating patterns, by focusing on the following work streams:

1) Developing guidelines on healthy and sustainable diets taking into account social and environmental considerations;

2) Food production adjustment, including formulation and offering to help achieve healthy and sustainable diets;

3) Food consumption reorientation to strengthen demand for healthy and sustainable diets;

4) Improvement of food sourcing and reduction of food loss and waste

5) Measurement, reporting and communicating progress.

Quantis joins the initiative, which as of today includes 25 leading organizations and counting. Among these are Danone, Nestlé, Firmenich, Arla, Evonik, Bayer, PepsiCo, Solvay, Unilever and more.

To see the full list of participants in the project (still open for partners) or to learn more about this exciting new program and its objectives, please visit the FReSH website or contact the program director Fokko Wientjes at or at +41 79 572 8815.