Harnessing Sustainable Superpowers + Brand Value: What to expect at SB’2017 Copenhagen

From October 30th to November 1st, teammates Amanda Martin and Arnaud Dauriat will be attending SB’17 Copenhagen. This is a great opportunity to engage major brands on the topic of “Doing Good”, learn about best practices in the sustainability field and of course, network. Ahead of the event, Quantis Sustainability Communications Lead Amanda Martin shares her take on key trends and what not to miss…

1+ What are the topics you are looking forward to hearing about at SB’17 Copenhagen?

Amanda Martin: Because this event specifically caters to brands, expect ongoing debate on Brand Purpose and understanding the consumer mindset to help them toward more sustainable purchasing choices. The team be on the lookout for new insights on trending topics:

  • Industry continues to grapple with implementing the circular supply chain and shift their business models toward closed-loop systems — with key examples from the apparel sector.
  • The B Corp movement is gaining traction in helping companies structure sustainable business models, define clear metrics-based strategies and ensure lasting progress.
  • Net positive strategies are on the rise and businesses will be sure to consider what that means for future operations.
Sustainable Superpowers Quantis

2+ What is Quantis presenting this year?

AM: We are proudly building upon lessons learned from 2016 and see breakfast sessions as an ideal format to share insights through storytelling over a croissant and cup of coffee.

Inspired by the timing of Halloween, we will be leading an interactive session to release your inner superhero, using current business practices to untap The 5 Powers of the Sustainability Superhero. We will explore how Wonder Woman asserts her skills, overcoming a battle of perception to get down to business, and how channelling Iron Man can help you wield environmental metrics like a boss. Come join us for an energizing session with inspiring cases on Wednesday, October 31st at 8AM at Top of the Town on the 25th floor.

3+ Quantis is a long-standing partner of Sustainable Brands: what is the benefit for you and Quantis?

AM: Quantis has indeed enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Sustainable Brands, which is why we look forward to participating and supporting these events. Sustainability events like this shift business off the traditional battlefield and provide a much-needed space for participants to share stories, work on common issues, and build upon each other’s successes.

As sustainability consultants, this forum allows us to be in the know of constantly evolving trends and understand ongoing debate over key buzzwords – not just in terms of what is being talked about, but also knowing who is acting and what are the resulting opportunities.

This is a great platform to show our commitment and gain visibility as thought leaders in our fields of expertise. We get to show that at our booth and during our breakfast session, so be sure to come find us in the Activation Hub!

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Amanda leads Sustainability Communications at Quantis, helping major industrial players define creative strategies to tell credible sustainability stories. She brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications consulting, focused on deep-target audience understanding used to craft meaningful campaigns and brand strategies.