Impossible Foods Details Progress Toward Eliminating Animals from Food by 2035

Sustainable Brands | Today, food tech startup Impossible Foods published its 2018 impact report, an annual update on its mission, business and strategic roadmap.

As a key player in the growing global movement to embrace plant-based proteins, alongside companies such as Max Burgers in Europe and Hong Kong’s Right Treat, Impossible Foods quickly amassed popularity and venture capital in the past few years by making meat directly from plants — with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals — as part of its mission to create wholesome and nutritious food, restore natural ecosystems and feed a growing population sustainably.

The 2018 sustainability report, Mission: Earth, candidly charts Impossible Foods’ progress — and its biggest challenges — in the pursuit of its 2035 vision. To generate the data in the 2018 sustainability report, Impossible Foods partnered with researchers at the Technical University of Denmark to understand the impacts of Impossible Foods’ product at a national scale. The report includes data verified by Quantis.