Inter IKEA partners with Quantis to shape sustainable future for materials sourcing

Inter IKEA, the materials sourcing division of the Swedish home and decor company, has published its FY17 Sustainability Summary Report, highlighting the progress on its journey to becoming “People & Planet Positive.”

Quantis contributed its expertise in corporate footprinting to provide IKEA with insight into the impacts of the raw materials it purchases and what actions it should take to deliver on its commitment to the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2°C. During a two-day interactive workshop in Malmö, Sweden, Quantis presented the results of the baseline carbon footprint and provided science-based target scenarios to help IKEA define its vision and level of ambition to reach these goals.

Following the initial footprint, Quantis continues to work with Inter IKEA on a number of diverse projects examining the impacts of specific products and materials. Quantis is currently providing IKEA with a database of environmental factors (water, land use, carbon) to help steer decisions regarding the choice of main materials the company uses to make its products.

Quantis Senior Sustainability Consultant Gregory Simonnin says that working with IKEA has offered a unique opportunity to work on a wide variety of topics, including forestry, materials selection and food supply. “The size of the company and the range of products sold mean that it is facing multiple sustainability challenges,” Simonnin says, adding, “IKEA’s willingness to address these issues with a serious, pragmatic and science-based approach makes them an ideal partner for us, and we are delighted to contribute to their journey towards a people & planet positive business model.”