Knowledge Management Lead

Why you’ll love Quantis

Quantisians are agents of change, working to build a sustainable future. We guide top organizations to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions. You’d be part of a dynamic team of ‘creative geeks’ that takes the latest science and makes it actionable. We do that by delivering resilient strategies, robust metrics, useful tools, and credible communications to a diverse set of companies, brands, and public and private organizations. The exciting part about being in a consulting group is that you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a multitude of game-changing sustainability topics and solutions. The bonus is you’ll work with the world’s top sustainability experts and leaders in the Quantis ecosystem of colleagues and partners. 

Together, we form a dynamic team of 200+ talents that cultivate a special team spirit that is both purpose-driven and empowering. Our group is truly different. Curious? Our talents give you the inside scoop.

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As Quantis Group’s Knowledge Management Lead, you will build a group level KM strategy and action plan implemented at group & team level to foster efficiency & knowledge sharing among Quantis teams.

The role

Quantis activity relies on knowledge (e.g science, business, design, etc.) and how it is used in research, marketing, proposals and projects. At Quantis, we believe in the strategic stake of knowledge management to continuously improve our solutions, sector understanding, impact of projects, team collaboration, efficiency & resilience. Quantis has a strong collaborative culture and a growing foundation of KM tools that the Group KM Lead will review, improve and take further. As Quantis grows, we need to further structure our knowledge management capacity by documenting our processes and best practices, systematically capturing lessons from projects, simplifying our go-to-place for resources, nurturing our knowledge assets, etc. We are now looking for a fully dedicated role working on KM strategy, action plan and implementation across Quantis supported by relays (“KM ambassadors”) within solution, sector, science, innovation, and support function teams. The Group KM Lead will be responsible for activating and nourishing our collective intelligence. This role will be hosted in the Operations team and work hand in hand with the Group Operations Lead.

Does this describe you and your next role?

  • You’re motivated to put your strong organizational and methodological skills to work towards our mission of building a sustainable future.
  • You’re an experienced and motivated professional with a background in managing information and knowledge to make it accessible, structured and used by others to be impactful in the way they work.
  • You have organizational, methodological or process building-related skills, preferably acquired in a similar consulting environment.
  • You have a passion for knowledge management and a good understanding of best practices in consulting. 
  • You have a pedagogical approach when working with colleagues; you’re able to transfer your skills and knowledge.
  • You are an active listener and have a good understanding of Quantisians & the organization’s needs.
  • You’re able to lead, work in collaboration with stakeholders, collect inputs and coordinate efforts around key challenges.
  • You’re fluent in English (and French, Italian or German will be an interesting asset).
  • You have excellent leadership, change management and peer engagement skills to get buy-in and to motivate teams.
  • You’re a curious person by nature, willing to continuously learn and develop.
  • You are pragmatic and know where to set priorities. 
  • You excel in positively challenging ideas, thinking out of the box and encouraging colleagues to revisit their habits, when needed.
  • You’re a team player that works efficiently, independently and on schedule. You can demonstrate above-average organizational skills.
  • You communicate effectively and efficiently, both verbally and in writing.

As Quantis Group’s Knowledge Management Lead, here’s a preview of the types of work your days will include:

  • Building upon Quantis Knowledge Management strategy aligned with our Vision, Purpose and Manifesto, as well as Quantis 2025 strategic frame
  • Setting the priorities and putting in place short & long term action plans
  • Building our knowledge asset architecture to efficiently capture, organize and share knowledge, leveraging our existing tools (e.g. Salesforce, ACEProject, Zoho Connect, Zoho Learn, Pingboard) and those that are/will be experimented
  • Implementing a system where our core common processes are documented and referred to by Quantisians to harmonise best practices across teams
  • Implementing a single access point for our key resources (guidelines, templates, etc.), ownership & reference people for each topic/asset
  • Implementing an information architecture for our Drive together with the IT Systems Manager to facilitate navigation, information & knowledge sharing, security & confidentiality of information
  • Empowering Quantis teams to build, capture and share knowledge through training, tools, processes and with the support of a team of KM ambassadors
  • Training & coordinating more KM ambassadors in teams (in solutions, sectors, innovation, science, support functions) and redefining their role
  • Building systematic learnings & action plans from project team feedbacks
  • Defining rules for internal communications together with the Group Communications Lead & IT Systems Manager to ensure effective knowledge and information flows (e.g. Zoho Connect, Skype, Google Chat)
  • Collaborating with other Support functions, mainly Quality (e.g. document process), IT Systems (e.g. simplify & upgrade our digital tools to foster knowledge management), Talent (e.g. build knowledge accessibility for trainings & capacity building, mentoring), Operations (e.g. capturing operational lessons learned, document process), Science (e.g. document & share knowledge), and other cross cutting topics that require deep collaboration.

To thrive in the Quantis culture, you’ll:

  • Show up as a team collaborator with a win-win attitude: empathetic, attentive and supportive of colleagues.
  • Take responsibility and ownership for your work: think and act with autonomy, while knowing when to ask for help.
  • Take initiative if something needs to be done.
  • Be positive! Use positive language, look at challenges not as bottlenecks, but as problems to solve, and see failure as a lesson learned.
  • Practice open and transparent communication; welcome effective dialogue and productive disagreement with minimal tension. 
  • Self-Manage: be in the driver’s seat of your professional growth and ambitions all the while valuing the learning journey and opportunities within Quantis.

Some logistics to consider

  • Location: Any Quantis location (Paris, Lausanne, Zurich, Milan, Berlin, Boston, Portland)
  • Optimal start date: As soon as possible
  • Frequent collaboration with all Quantis branches  via web-conferences
  • Ability to travel in Europe & US (eventually)

Quantis has a unique, fluid structure nurtured by our Quantis Spirit and our way of collaborating. Quantis offers a positive work environment, competitive salaries, a wide range of benefits, as well as generous and flexible vacation time. Salary will be determined based on level of experience and potential for contribution to the organization’s success. 

At Quantis we believe that equality, diversity and inclusiveness are central to our mission of building a sustainable future. Quantis is an equal opportunity employer that embraces people from diverse backgrounds including race, color, nationality, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, disability, religion, creed, politics, or any other non-merit factor. It is our daily commitment to ensure that each Quantisian works in an environment where they belong and where they can thrive. Furthermore, we have committed to take meaningful action that will create more diversity within the field of sustainability.

View our “Quantis has talent!” video to learn about what makes Quantis an exceptional place to work and develop. 

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