Senior Sustainability Consultant

Quantis seeks to recruit a highly motivated and dynamic Senior Consultant to join our growing US team.  The primary responsibility of this role will be to translate the results of Quantis’ science-based analysis of climate and other environmental impacts into actionable environmental impact reduction programs for our clients.  The successful candidate will have strong knowledge of environmental science and engineering, as well as the ability to communicate scientific environmental impact assessment results to corporate audiences. In addition, the Senior Consultant will be responsible for developing new and existing client relationships and delivering high quality consulting services for our clients. These services will focus on enabling better sustainability decisions, management and communication through the best science and insights.  A specific area of focus for this role will be to lead the Quantis US’ efforts in helping our clients develop and implement Science Based Targets (SBT) for climate impact reduction, and recommending the related climate impact reduction actions that will allow clients to meet these targets, therefore, specific knowledge or expertise in this area is preferred. Depending on the qualifications and interests of the successful candidate, the position may also include other responsibilities within the Quantis US branch or globally.  The position offers a unique opportunity and responsibility of working with leading global companies to help them to understand and manage of their environmental impact and help them implement and communicate on their actions to improve environmental performance. Quantis offers a dynamic and flexible work environment and competitive compensation packages.


The Senior Consultant will be responsible for a combination of the following:

Core responsibilities

  • Translating the results of Quantis’ science-based analysis of climate and other environmental impacts into understandable and actionable environmental impact reduction programs for our clients.
  • Serving as the US Topic Lead on Science Based Targets, by:
    • Leading client projects related to Science Based Targets, which includes:
      • Performing the scientific/technical calculations of clients’ climate impacts; 
      • Translating and communicating the scientific results into terms understandable for corporate audiences; 
      • Guiding clients in developing climate impact reduction programs to achieve the level of carbon emissions reduction required to achieve the calculated targets; 
    • Researching and understanding client needs and trends related to SBT, including competitors’ positioning.
    • Developing your expertise as the internal subject matter expert on Science Based Targets, by regularly updating your scientific and technical knowledge of the latest SBT methods and approaches.
    • Developing Quantis’ Science Based Targets service offering. 
    • Providing training and support as needed to other internal team members to give them sufficient fundamental SBT knowledge to support client SBT projects.
  • Managing and developing existing and new Quantis client relationships and accounts.
  • Developing and leading new product and service offerings, including:
    • Researching emerging environmental science topics such as planetary boundaries, climate reduction scenario analysis, water quality and scarcity impacts, circular economy solutions, and other science-based sustainability topics.  
  • Consulting with clients to help them better understand and reduce their environmental impacts, by employing other Quantis services, such as corporate and product environmental impact footprinting, water footprinting, etc.  
  • Managing client projects, workloads, and staff, compiling insights of project work, and delivering solutions to clients.  


The desired qualifications for the position include:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Commercial Engineering, Management Engineering, or similar, with a strong science, engineering, and environmental engineering component, as well as courses in business, in order to be able to effectively translate scientific and environmental engineering details into understandable and actionable information for corporate clients.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Management is a plus.
  • 5+ years professional experience working in or with private sector companies on sustainability topics.
  • Significant knowledge of and experience with developing Science Based Targets.
  • A demonstrable track record of developing business opportunities and managing client relationships.
  • A dynamic and enthusiastic personality aligned with Quantis’ values and spirit.

Compensation and Benefits

Quantis offers competitive salaries and a wide range of benefits, including medical and other insurances and a retirement savings plan, as well as generous and flexible vacation time. Quantis offers a flexible, team-oriented work environment. Salary will be determined based on level of experience and potential for success.

About Quantis

Quantis is a leading sustainability consulting firm specialized in use of science-based metrics and insights to support our clients to measure, understand, manage and communicate on the sustainability issues that matter most within their products, services and operations. Quantis is a global company with offices in the United States, Switzerland, France, Germany, Milan, and Colombia, employing approximately 95 people. Quantis offers leading services in environmental footprinting, eco-design, sustainable supply chains, sustainability strategy, reporting and communication. Quantis has a strong track record in applying its knowledge and expertise to accompany clients in transforming scientific insights into decisions and action plans. More information can be found at www.quantis-

To apply to this position, please send your resume and a statement of interest to the following adress with “Senior Consultant, Boston” in the title.