Laure de Ricqlès to boost Quantis IT and digital services

The digital revolution is converging with the sustainable transformation of our businesses and organizations. This is why we are excited to welcome to the Quantis team Laure de Ricqlès, a specialist in digital transformation for the sustainable environment specialist. 

Based in Paris, Laure will serve as Manager, IT + Web Solutions and will support the group’s efforts to develop innovative solutions to meet today’s business needs. These include data collection efforts, supply chain management and progress tracking, as well as eco-design, simulation tools, and more.  

“At Quantis, we are seeing increasing demand for IT, web, and other digital solutions to help companies build sustainable business models and supply chains,” Quantis CEO Emmanuelle Aoustin explains. “They come to us for our science-inside approach to guide them in data collection, supply chain management and progress tracking, as well as eco-design and simulation tools. We’re reinforcing our digital solutions team to provide the tools essential to track and meet the bold goals companies are setting. Laure has the perfect combination of IT and sustainability expertise to boost our offer in this area.”

Indeed, Laure brings to Quantis a wealth of experience from her previous roles leading digital transformation programs in the Defense and Aeronautical industries as well as in the Public sector. She has been a Corporate Sustainability Consultant with a focus on delivering sound data collection and knowledge management processes at Sopra Steria. And she previously held the role of Change Management Program Manager at Studec. Learn more in the press release.

Laure will be a talented addition to the growing team of IT sustainability experts at Quantis, which recently welcomed software architects and business analysts Dr. Andi Widok and Marina Delerce-Mauris.

Chat with Laure to find out more about her skills and the digital solutions she can build.

Laure de Ricqles Quantis