Food Query

Visualize the carbon footprint of your food.

Food Query puts the carbon footprint of 150 products from 56 countries at your fingertips on an interactive world map.

Built on 500+ datasets from the World Food LCA Database, Food Query’s simple format makes data to improve sustainability in our food systems accessible — no technical LCA knowledge required.

+  Experiment with different datasets and see the results directly on a world map.
+  Fulfill your data needs with minimal cost, time and resources.
+  Download your data queries in Excel or CSV format to easily create low-carbon recipes, understand the carbon impacts of your procurement choices, choose between ingredients for an ecodesign project, and upload this data to any of your existing software platforms.

Types of products

fruits | vegetables | nuts | spices | mushrooms | meat | dairy products | insects | oils | fats | sweeteners | drinks | flours | chocolate | fertilizers

View the complete list of products in Food Query.

The carbon footprint of 150 agri-food products, on a world map

See how Food Query works

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Food Query demo


I’m not a life cycle assessment expert. Will I be able to use this tool?

Yes! Food Query is for anyone interested in a simple way to access the carbon footprint of agri-food products — no technical LCA expertise required. 

In particular, we designed it with corporate sustainability teams, ecodesigners, food engineers, ingredients specialists, procurement teams, and environmental consultants and researchers in mind.

Where does the data come from?

Food Query runs on data from the World Food LCA Database, which provides players across the agri-food value chain with high-quality emissions factors to help them better understand the impacts of their products. 

With Food Query, you can easily access 500 datasets from this powerful database to see the carbon footprints for 150 agri-food products from 56 countries.

The data is published and third-party reviewed, so you can use it for your calculations with full confidence.

What datasets are available through Food Query?

See the complete list of products for which you can access carbon emissions data in Food Query.

How can I access Food Query?

Access to Food Query is membership-based. Becoming a member grants you access to Food Query datasets until the release of new datasets from WFLDB Phase 3 (anticipated mid-2023).

For more information on becoming a member, please contact us.

How much does Food Query cost?

By becoming a member, you’ll receive access to Food Query datasets until the release of new datasets from WFLDB Phase 3 (anticipated mid-2023).

The investment below reflects the price per user.

Corporate (FMCG companies primarily) + other for-profits 21’000 EUR
Consultants 27’000 EUR
Academics / NGOs from OECD countries 12’000 EUR
Academics / NGOs from OECD countries 7’500 EUR


I need access to carbon footprint data for just a few crops. Can I purchase only that data?

At this time, we are unable to customize the membership offering.

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