The Land Use Change Guidance: shaping the future of climate, forestry and agriculture

Land Use Change Guidance webinar

A group of 40+ committed companies, NGOs, scientists, governments and diverse sustainability stakeholders teamed up with Quantis to answer the urgent need for a robust, credible and streamlined approach for the sustainable management of forests, land use and land use change across supply chains. The fruit of this pre-competitive consortium, which began in October 2017, produced the Land Use Change Guidance: Accounting for GHG Emissions in the Supply Chain(LUC Guidance). See full list of partners.

Quantis covened the partners for the Guidance initiative to develop a methodology that consolidates, aligns and builds upon pre-existing references to deliver a set of recommendations and detailed technical methodology. Rather than an official standard, the Guidance serves as an immediate solution for reliable methodology to help companies make immediate progress on deforestation and other land-related issues.

The Guidance was developed through stakeholder dialogue and collaboration that resulted in 14 key recommendations, a step-by-step approach for companies to measure and track their progress towards reducing or eliminating GHG emissions from land-based supply chains.

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"Mars is excited to be part of this initiative - we believe better and more consistent quantification of GHG emissions from deforestation will help accelerate global efforts to reduce both deforestation and GHG emissions."

Kevin Rabinovitch, Global Sustainability Director, Mars, Incorporated

"Looking for renewable sources of energy and feedstock is a fundamental part of Braskem’s business strategy. We know that the sustainability of these renewable sources depends heavily on how the biomass is cultivated. We see this initiative as a very important first step for a consensual and scientifically sound approach for measuring and reporting GHG emissions due to Land Use and Land Use Change."

Jorge Soto, Chief Sustainability Officer, Braskem

"We made an ambitious commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain by 28 percent by 2025. Having consistent measurement and guidance on this critical area will allow us to better track progress towards our goals."

Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills

"You can't manage what you don't measure. This project is an important step in building consensus in an important and complex area. The Sustainability Consortium is delighted to support this valuable work."

Euan Murray, CEO, The Sustainability Consortium

"At PMI, we’re focused on delivering GHG emissions reduction through targets based directly on climate science to limit global warming and the impact of climate change. We’re pleased to participate in this initiative to contribute to the Guidance, and its practical application in the future."

Andrew Harrop, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Philip Morris International

"South Pole Group wants to explore synergies with different actors and identify opportunities for providing sustainability solutions on aspects such as land use change, sustainable agriculture and deforestation."

Pablo Llopis, Forestry Project Manager, South Pole Group

"This work from Quantis and partners is filling a critical gap in GHG accounting for the corporate sector, which is particularly important to advance private sector leadership on addressing climate change. WWF values Quantis’ science-based approach to this complex topic to ensure that the robust carbon accounting is guiding decisions and supporting and complementing public targets as we navigate below 2° pathways. This methodology also allows companies who have been making progress on their deforestation-free commitments crosswalk those to their GHG emissions commitments."

Martha Stevenson, Forest Strategy and Research Director, World Wildlife Fund US

"Yara International believes [in] greatly reducing GHG emissions caused by land use change, and potentially protecting biodiversity. In order to evaluate and measure the full climate impact of different crop production systems, it is necessary to include emissions from land use change and therefore we support the development of a guidance document in this respect."

Frank Brentrup, Senior Scientist, Yara International

"Barry Callebaut has done extensive work on quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly associated with our supply chain in order to offer chocolate and cocoa products with a declared carbon footprint. Our work will be both benefitting to and from this ground-breaking effort that will result in a widely recognized and scientifically robust methodology."

Nicko Debenham, VP Head of Sustainability & MD Biolands Group, Barry Callebaut

Webinar replay #1: LUC Guidance Pilots 101

To learn more about the LUC Guidance and the launch of the pilot phase of the project, check out our webinar. Indeed, partners from CDP and Mondelēz International joined Quantis US Director Jon Dettling and LUC Guidance coordinator Michèle Zollinger to discuss deforestation in corporate GHG accounting, the guidance corresponding methodology and how companies can both learn and benefit from being part of this groundbreaking initiative.

Find out how to join key industry leaders in the pilot testing phase.

Webinar Replay #2: Delivering Corporate Climate Targets through Responsible Land-Use

During this webinar, Quantis LUC Guidance coordinator Michèle Zollinger will share preliminary results from our guidance partners and key insights on the importance of collaborative initiatives and how companies can benefit from being part of this groundbreaking initiative.

The initiative brings together key players in sustainability

ADEME, AF&PA, Barry Callebaut, Braskem, C-AGG, Ceres, Climate-KIC, Danone, EcoAct, Ecofys, Envol Vert, Ferrero, General Mills, Gold Standard, L’Oréal, Lenzing, LVMH, Mars, moja global, Mondelēz International, NCASI, PepsiCo, Philip Morris International, Pirelli, Rainforest Alliance, RSPO, South Pole Group, Supply Change, Tetra Pak, Textile Exchange, The Sustainability Consortium, The US Department of Transportation, Wood K plus, WWF, Yara and more.

Media Kit: Keeping up with LUC

Revisit our media materials, including press releases and images, on the development of the LUC Guidance.

Get on board with the global consortium that’s making great strides toward reducing deforestation and land use changes

For more on the LUC Guidance, contact the project coordinator Michèle Zollinger.

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