The Plastic Leak Project

Plastic Leakage Project

Ocean plastic pollution is a rising environmental priority that has attracted the attention of a wide range of stakeholder groups, from consumers to investors. Growing urgency and awareness around the issue is driving businesses to make bold commitments to reduce their plastic footprints. The scale of the problem is significant, but there is limited information and ready solutions available to support organizations in their efforts to turn the tide on ocean plastics.

A multi-stakeholder initiative is now taking shape to find operational solutions and define effective actions on plastic pollution. Lead by Quantis and Shaping Environmental Action: EA, The Plastic Leak Project will take an in-depth look at the circular economy of plastics, assess existing knowledge gaps and find, compare and develop relevant solutions, using a collaborative approach.

Let’s shift the plastics conversation from crisis management to metrics-based problem solving to fuel positive change.

The collaborative multi-stakeholder initiative will help:

+ Measure leakage from the circular plastics economy
+ Provide meaningful metrics for products, companies, governments & more
+ Evaluate and develop solutions to close/reduce plastic leakage
+ Share information with other leaders

Quantis + Collaborative Initiatives

Quantis is experienced in convening multi-stakeholder initiatives to tackle some of the most pressing issues in sustainability. Two of our most recent examples are looking at land use change and sustainable packaging in cosmetics with co-founder L’Oréal.

The Plastic Leak Project will kick off at the end of 2018. Watch this space for more information or contact us to learn how to get involved.

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