Custom software solutions offers ownership and flexibility

Fuelled by a solid LCA and IT expertise, Quantis develops tailored solutions to help clients reach their objectives. A customized tool delivers full ownership, higher usage adoption and efficiency, as well as flexible evolution.

Private businesses, sector-specific federations and public organizations turn to Quantis for their custom software needs because of our renowned expert developers that have a deep understanding of LCA and sustainability issues. Quantis speaks both languages, IT and sustainability.

Quantis has developed solid UI/UX process.

We understand and map users’ expectations to develop intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Optimal experience in LCA and web-based software

We have developed more than 10 software platforms related to Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprinting. Our team has unique know-how on customer and user experience to design LCA-related software to ensure optimal experience.

Our experience also includes developing various web-based software programs.