Web tools offer real-time exchanges

Quantis is specialized in developing interactive web tools for LCA, eco-design, reporting, data management, inventory and EPD generators and product sustainability reporting and gamification.

Our IT experts couple their knowledge with a deep understanding of sustainability issues and LCA specificities in IT deployment, such as data management. 

We are proud to deliver tools for WRI, the Scope 3 Evaluator, for ICT companies with PAIA the Universal Postal Union with OSCAR – the Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting, PETER, a packaging eco-design tool for Danone, ALCIG – Agricultural Life Cycle Inventory Generator for agro-food partners, and EcoLogTex for Hugo Boss.

We are unique in developing tailored tools: we pool together our IT, LCA, sustainability and communication talent to meet client’s needs.

The development of a tool in 4 phases:
1 + specifications
2 + development
3 + testing
4 + deployment.

Specification projects for stakeholders

Before developing a tool, it is key to pinpoint stakeholders’ expectations. These stakeholders include users, LCA and sustainability experts, tools administrators, as well as the IT service teams of a company.

A specification project includes the formalization of the stakeholders’ descriptions and their expectations, describing use cases (how the tool will be used), the functional specifications of the tool to be developed (or to buy), challenge and risk assessment as well as scenarios to fulfill expectations. 

Open, agile development

We are known for our agile project management approach, involving our clients in each phase in an open and collaborative partnership. This means that our clients can tweak, comment and provide continued feedback on the interface design and the tool’s functionalities. 

Training and communicating key for deployment

The tool deployment includes a communication campaign on the launch of the tool, training on how to use it, and engaging the community of stakeholders. Deployment also focuses on the user experience, answering their questions, and supporting the contact person. 

Hosting and maintenance an option

Our software and tool development services can include hosting and/or maintenance.