Shaping a resilient future for the outdoor industry

Munich, here we come! Quantis is making the trek to ISPO Munich, the world’s largest multi-segment trade fair in the sports business, on February 4–6 to participate in a side event hosted by the European Outdoor Group focused on shaping a resilient future for the outdoor industry. Senior Sustainability Consultant and apparel sector lead Angela Adams and Lead Sustainability Communications Consultant Amanda Martin will be presenting at the event, sharing tools, technologies and solutions companies can harness to drive transformative change.

The outdoor industry has been one of the most outspoken when it comes to protecting and preserving the natural world. And with good reason: Climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution put the industry’s most valuable resource — nature itself — on the line. Daypacks, tents, trekking boots and wetsuits have no value if we don’t take action now to protect our natural landscapes. In a nutshell, companies in the outdoor business must also be in the sustainability business.

Outdoor industry - ISPO Munich

“I'm convinced that with robust metrics in hand, the outdoor industry will be eager to jump at the opportunities to make concrete and inspirational change in terms of environmental sustainability.”

Angela Adams
Senior Sustainability Consultant – Quantis

It’s a concept many are already on board with. For years, the $877-billion industry has flexed its muscle to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues; now it’s revving up its efforts to ensure that the gear we use is made in a more responsible way. The momentum gathering is now spilling over into other industries, but there’s still more to be done, particularly to address urgent issues such as microplastics, chemical management and water scarcity.

During two one-hour sessions, Angela and Amanda will shed light on these top-of-mind priorities and the steps companies can take to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the industry.

Here’s what’s on the program:

Monday, February 4
9:00 – 10:00 | Shaping a Resilient Future for Fashion Supply Chains

Drawing on results from the Measuring Fashion report, the first science-driven study to perform and assess the environmental impacts of the global apparel and footwear industries, this session will provide insight into the current fashion landscape, the key challenges ahead and the tools, technologies and solutions that are helping shape a more resilient future for fashion.

Tuesday, February 5
14:00 – 15:00 | LCA 101: How to Supercharge Your Sustainability Strategy with Robust Metrics

Life cycle assessment — the term has become a fixture in the sustainability sphere as businesses begin to take a greater interest in the environmental impacts of their products and services. But what does LCA do and how can it support your company on its sustainability journey? Attend this discussion to learn the in’s and out’s of the methodology and why robust metrics are essential for shaping intelligent and credible sustainability strategies.

Ready to step up your sustainability strategy with metrics? Connect with the Quantis team at the event or contact Quantis apparel sector expert Angela Adams.