Quantis CEO talks next generation of science-based targets

Smart strategies start with robust metrics. In the wake of the Paris Agreement, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way companies across sectors engage in setting science-based goals. In an interview with GreenBiz Studio during the GreenBiz 18 conference, Quantis CEO Emmanuelle Aoustin described this new generation of targets that is emerging and offered advice on how companies can overcome key challenges to accelerate progress on their sustainability ambitions.

In the video, Emmanuelle highlights how change is unfolding across industries, with major players across the apparel, food and beverage and cosmetics sectors setting bold targets that go beyond the confines of their own operations, moving towards a more global and long-term approach to sustainability. Venturing into new territory comes with a certain level of uncertainty: Quantis works with its partners to tackle these challenges and bridge the gap between science and business, by building sound, holistic strategies based on environmental data.

Interested in learning more about how to supercharge your sustainability strategy? Tune into our upcoming webinar The Science of Setting Credible, Courageous Sustainability Goals on May 22 where Quantis will discuss why going big on sustainability goals is a smart business strategy and provide concrete business cases from the panel and other organizations.