Quantis channels Superhero Sustainability Powers @SB’17 Copenhagen

Once again Quantis partners with Sustainable Brands for the 2017 Copenhagen edition, taking place from October 3oth to November 1st. Our teams joins our peers at this major platform for global brands to reflect on their potential to “Do Good”.

Catch up with our teammates Amanda Martin and Arnaud Dauriat  at the conference and drop by our booth in the lobby.  

Sustainable Superpowers SB17Don’t forget to mark your agenda for 8am on  October 31st for the SB Breakfast session hosted by Quantis and led by Amanda Martin, our lead on sustainability communications. You don’t want to miss her inspiring session on how to tap into the The 5 Powers of the Sustainability Superhero.

To get an exclusive preview of the session, check out her latest post where she works her magic through key trends and what to expect at SB’17 Copenhagen.