Quantis has talent! Meet the team in our new 1-on-1 video series

Metrics-inside sustainability strategies and initiatives are our specialty, but our greatest asset is the extremely talented and diverse group of individuals that make up our team. To give you an inside look at the men and women driving Quantis, we’re launching a series of short video interviews.

In this new 1-on-1 video series, we’ll introduce you to some of the (very smart+fun) individuals who make Quantis tick and embody what we like to call the Quantis Spirit. It’s what fuels our unique left-brain, right-brain approach that couples our robustness and integrity together with creativity and innovation. You’ll get a taste of the variety of sustainability champions driving our company forward and guiding top organizations with passion, precision and innovation.

With each video, you’ll have a chance to meet one of these #creativegeeks. In their own words, they’ll share what drives them, how they contribute to our world’s ecological transition and other very important things … like what three items they would take on a deserted island.

Now — here’s the first video. Meet Marcial Vargas, a.k.a. “Marcipedia,” originally from Costa Rica and now a Paris-based Quantisian and Senior Sustainability Consultant.

Stay tuned for more videos and opportunities to find out what it’s like to be a part of the Quantis mission.

Feeling excited? Inspired? That’s the Quantis Spirit. If you want your next career move to be with a forward-thinking, passionate and international team, let’s talk!