Quantis has talent! Meet the dynamic team in our new video

What makes Quantis distinctive? It’s the coupling of left-brain and right-brain skills that gives us our edge. One year ago, Quantis debuted a new identity — one that reflects this unique balance but also the the breadth of our expertise, the quality of our services and the uniqueness of our approach and, most importantly, sheds light on the exceptional team of talents that makes Quantis tick.

We invite you now to come inside, meet our team and get a behind the scenes peek at who we are and what it’s like to be one of our #creativegeeks!

Like what you see? Join us to become part of our mission, our spirit, our adventure.

“I’ve never had an unpleasant day working at Quantis. The topics we address are salient and inspiring. I really can’t think of a better creative, free-spirited company within the industry to work for.”

Melissa Zgola, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Metrics-inside sustainability strategies and initiatives are our specialty, but our greatest asset is our team: a group of dynamic sustainability champions from more than 10 countries whose diverse-yet-complementary skills enable us to do the great work that we do.

We are scientists, experts, strategists, innovators and visionaries, but our backgrounds are rich and varied. In addition to LCA experts, our multi-disciplinary team is made up of environmental engineers, graphic designers, IT developers, business and communication specialists and former corporate sustainability professionals, whose distinctive skill sets and experiences are what allow us to take a holistic approach to every new challenge.

Each team member brings unique insight and perspective to the table — and a shared enthusiasm for creating innovative solutions (while having fun!) to help our clients tackle serious environmental sustainability issues.

Filmed at our company retreat in 2017, the talent video paints a picture of the Quantis experience and Spirit through the words of the creative minds that drive us forward.

It’s an exciting time at Quantis and we’re growing fast. If you think you embody the Quantis Spirit and want your next career move to be with a forward-thinking, passionate and international team, let’s talk!