Quantis joins the Cool Farm Alliance to advance sustainable crop management

Count us in!

It’s another win for collaboration in sustainable agriculture. We’re excited to join more than 60 corporate, nonprofit, scientific and service organizations dedicated to sustainable crop management in the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA). The new partnership will cultivate an elegant synergy between the Cool Farm Tool and Quantis’ geoFootprint Project. Together, we’ll move the needle on farm-level sustainability initiatives.

The Cool Farm Tool is a go-to decision-making resource for farm-level sustainability assessment across the world. As an active CFA member, we look forward to deepening our engagement with farm-level sustainability assessment and sharing our expertise in life cycle assessment, supply chains and corporate reporting to further the impact of the Cool Farm Tool. Joining CFA will also enable us to integrate the Cool Farm Tool into the complementary geoFootprint Project, an online platform that will provide companies, public authorities and farmers with instant access to the spatially-sensitive footprint of major commodities everywhere in the world. By embedding the Cool Farm Tool in geoFootprint, we’ll bring greater alignment between farm-level assessment and corporate sustainability needs.

“We are delighted to welcome Quantis into the Cool Farm Alliance,” said Richard Profit, General Manager of the CFA. “We’re excited to work with them on the geoFootprint Project to further support the sustainable management of agricultural supply chains. Quantis brings their expertise, enthusiasm and innovation to the Alliance, which continues to grow and strengthen the collaboration working on sustainable agriculture.

If you’d like to dig into the geoFootprint Project, reach out to Senior Sustainability Consultant Xavier Bengoa.