Quantis + Mirabaud AM Engage Investors to Close the Plastic Tap

With 12 million tons of plastic escaping into the environment annually, tackling ocean plastic pollution is a top priority for a wide range of stakeholder groups across the globe, from business leaders and consumers to governments and NGOs. The urgency of closing the plastic tap is also gaining traction in the finance sector, where investors are increasingly wielding the power of the purse to drive action on pressing environmental issues and to reduce risk.

As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI), Mirabaud Asset Management, a Switzerland based international banking and financial group, is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment process. Plastic pollution is a problem that Mirabaud’s investors are encountering more and more often.

To engage the investment community on the topic, Mirabaud invited Quantis to shed light on the impact of plastic pollution on the economy and the environment during its quarterly “Regards d’Experts” forum. Joined by Mirabaud’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Officer David Jeannet, Quantis Senior Sustainability Consultants Carole Dubois and Gregory Simonnin provided attendees with an overview of the ocean plastic issue and how the financial sector fits into the equation.

Watch the event recap (in French)

On the docket were the drivers of political and public engagement around plastic pollution, a deep-dive into the key actors in and complexities of the plastic supply chain and emerging solutions to support investors and other stakeholders in accelerating change.

“Financial sector actors have significant influence on the investment choices of their clients. As such, more banking, investment and asset leaders are acknowledging their roles in promoting responsible and sustainable investment practices. Equipping clients with the right knowledge and insight on pressing environmental issues is an important way to guide investors to make informed — and resilient — decisions,” said Carole Dubois.

Connect with Carole Dubois to learn more about the multi-stakeholder Plastic Leak Project which aims to find operational solutions and define effective actions on plastic pollution. Or get in touch with Benjamin Lenoel to discuss how robust environmental metrics can supercharge your sustainable finance strategy.