Quantis Offsets 2017 Emissions

Delivering intelligent environmental sustainability solutions is our superpower, but even sustainability superheros can have environmental impacts. In our work to bring you resilient strategies, robust metrics, useful tools and credible communications, we do produce some CO2. That’s why Quantis has offset its 2017 emissions.

Quantis was founded to drive meaningful and sustainable change, and that aspiration includes our own organization. Energy use is the primary driver of our group’s environmental impact, but there is an opportunity to bring value to society by taking a responsible approach to our energy consumption habits. Prioritizing reductions in our energy use is always our first line of action. This includes making thoughtful choices about the frequency and modes of our travel, prioritizing public transport whenever possible — for example, taking the train over flying even when it means the trip takes more time — and powering our offices with energy efficient devices and sustainable energy sources.

Quantis offsets

After we’ve done all we can to reduce our footprint, we work with MyClimate to invest in carbon offsets to cover our residual Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions across our eight branches. These credits allow us to manage our contribution to climate change while we work on rolling out longer-term plans for energy use reduction, by providing support to creative geeks around the world in their efforts to develop new sustainability technologies and solutions. Beyond carbon, offsetting programs also have the potential to reduce other impacts as well as generate social benefits by supporting sustainable economic opportunities in local communities.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to look for ways to optimize our efficiencies, using our scientific approach to measure progress, and offset consumption with investment in carbon credits and renewable energy technologies to fill in the gaps.

Want to learn more about the actions we’re taking to offset our carbon footprint? Contact Quantis Scientific Director Sébastien Humbert.