SPICE kicks off to shape the future of sustainable packaging

Quantis is proud to announce the launch of the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics (SPICE). We teamed up with global beauty group L’Oréal to co-found the initiative that brings together major cosmetics players to work towards a common goal: to collectively shape a sustainable future for cosmetics packaging.

Consumers, investors and stakeholder groups increasingly expect transparency — facts and metrics — from companies on their commitments and efforts to improve the environmental performance of their products. Businesses, however, face considerable methodological issues when it comes to measuring the environmental footprints of their products. Through SPICE, Quantis, L’Oréal and a diverse group of cosmetics industry partners which have become members of SPICE will tackle these issues head on, developing solutions that seek to both enhance product sustainability and improve communications with consumers.

“‘If you want to go far, go together’ the proverb says and this applies to SPICE. We are honored to co-found SPICE with the ambition to guide a large number of businesses and brands to do just that,” says Dimitri Caudrelier, Director of Quantis France. “Packaging is key for the cosmetics industry and companies need robust information and recognized frameworks to make resilient decisions. SPICE will be a key factor in driving their sustainability transformation.”

Armed with our know-how and expertise on product environmental performance and leading sector specific initiatives, Quantis is uniquely positioned to facilitate this transformation. We’ll use this knowledge to help guide SPICE members in developing business-oriented methodologies and data that will be used to: support resilient decision-making; guide sustainable packaging policy development; drive packaging innovation; and improve communication with consumers on the environmental performance of products.

Together, we will explore topics including recycled materials, bioplastics, tertiary packaging and distribution, reusable packaging and end-of-life streams generate understanding and transparency, and identify priorities.