SPICE Initiative releases new guidance to assess cosmetics packaging

Co-founded by L’Oréal and Quantis, The Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics (SPICE) celebrates its first year with the release of a new methodological guidance to measure the environmental impact of cosmetic packaging based on multi-criteria life cycle assessments. SPICE has grown considerably in its first twelve months, and enters into its second year with 20 organizations from across the cosmetics industry value chain. 

“Many organizations across the cosmetics industry are facing similar sustainability challenges,” affirms Quantis Sustainability Consultant and SPICE coordinator Camille Rosay. “SPICE provides a space for members to share knowledge and experiences. By co-creating the SPICE methodology, we are building a common language across the entire value chain to assess packaging sustainability performance and support better environmental decision-making through ecodesign.”

The guidance reiterates that a multi-criteria assessment is necessary to produce a relevant and robust environmental footprint. The environmental topics with the most significant impact on the cosmetics sector are climate change, resource depletion, water consumption, water quality, biodiversity, photochemical ozone formation, and impacts on public health. To see a list of topics assessed by SPICE this year is available on its website.

Quantis is proud to be co-leading this exciting initiative toward our common goal: to collectively shape the future of sustainable packaging.

Year One of the initiative also produced a database and case studies exploring weighting methods for eight different types of packaging (shampoo bottle, aerosol hair spray, jar of face cream, tube of solar protection, lipstick, mascara applicator and a roll-on deodorant). 

To encourage the use of this information, all documents are publicly available on Open-Spice.com. “At Quantis, we believe transparency is a key driver of sustainability,” says Dimitri Caudrelier, Quantis France Director and Cosmetics Lead. “Black-box sustainability doesn’t make sense. Sharing knowledge and experiences is key to accelerate the sustainable transformation our planet needs. That’s why SPICE takes a collaborative, pre-competitive approach and includes members from across the entire cosmetics value chain, and it’s why our activities and tools are publicly available.”

In Year Two, the initiative is moving forward with even greater ambition. Four key actions are on the docket: (1) embed the SPICE methodology into an easy-to-use ecodesign web tool that will help design teams to assess and optimize the environmental impact of their packaging; (2) improve the methodology in regards to recyclability; (3) develop new datasets to refine product packaging assessments; and (4) increase the engagement for SPICE via communications efforts and materials, such as a guide on environmental claims and more.

Quantis is proud to be co-leading this exciting initiative toward our common goal: to collectively shape the future of sustainable packaging.

Want to discuss more about the Initiative? Contact Camille Rosay.

Camille Rosay
Senior Sustainability Consultant