“It All Starts With a Seed”: Farmer Brothers publishes sustainability report

Quantis had the pleasure of working with Farmer Bros on its environmental strategy. Farmer Bros, the foodservice coffee and restaurant supplier, chose Quantis to develop a solid environmental measurement and reporting action plan. Quantis conducted a materiality assessment to get some direction. Read the Farmer Bros Case Study for more details.

Four key steps were identified to meet Farmer Bros sustainability strategy objectives:

  1. Identify priority sustainability issues for the company through materiality assessment.
  2. Evaluate and develop a strategy for participation in various reporting/disclosure programs, such as the CDP reporting programs.
  3. Benchmark current reporting activities and performance.
  4. Deliver a focused sustainability measurement and reporting strategy.

2014 Sustainability Report

Following the materiality assessment and deliver of the strategy, we worked with Farmer Bros to do their first carbon footprint that included Scope 3 emissions as well as their first corporate footprint. Learn more about their reduction activities in the Farmer Bros 2014 Sustainability Report, “It All Starts With a Seed: How we’re driving social, environmental and economic development.”

Farmer Brothers achieved some outstanding results. Compared to 2014, Farmer Brothers reduced electricity usage by 9%, water consumption by 32% and on-road fuel consumption by 16%. And, they increased landfill diversification by 12%.

Discover Farmer Brothers’ full report or read our case studies!