Hit “go” on your strategy

With your targets and roadmap in place, it’s time to put your climate strategy into action. The strategy implementation step is key. It’s where business transformation truly kicks off. It’s also where companies’ strategies most often fail.

Together, we build your implementation plan, equip you for successful execution and ensure good governance along the way. To stay on track, we help you monitor progress and make adjustments as needed, all while communicating credibly both internally and externally.

This is the beginning — not the end — of your climate journey. We walk alongside you to drive change together.

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When companies fail to achieve targets, poor strategy execution is often the culprit. To be successful, you need the right tools to carry out your plan and stay on course.

Seamlessly carry out your action plan

To ensure your strategy is successfully executed, there are a few key steps to follow:

+ Engage teams and leadership: Sustainability needs to start from within. Our engagement programs not only generate internal buy-in and enable effective change management, but train and empower teams with knowledge so they can contribute to a common goal: your climate strategy.

+ Make an implementation plan: Together, we carve out clear phases, the right resources and a solid timeline to ensure the strategy is successfully integrated into operations. We help you ensure the action plan pieces fit together, avoiding fragmentation, silos and over-complexity.

+ Establish good governance: Clearly-identified and carefully-positioned governance enables successful strategy implementation. We help you build the structure for smooth execution by making priorities, ownership and roles clear. 

+ Define operational key performance indicators (KPIs): We co-craft KPIs tailored to each operational team. This means that each team is equipped with KPIs that speak their language — from “percent of recycled content” for packaging engineers to “kWh” for plant managers and beyond.

+ Integrate structural incentives: We help you create the necessary conditions for change by establishing incentives, along with internal financing mechanisms, that ensure the right actions are prioritized. Internal carbon pricing — a multifaceted tool — internalizes the cost of your company’s emissions, incentivizing teams and leaders to contribute to a low-carbon transition.

Monitor progress + adjust for change that sticks

The climate strategy road doesn’t end here. Achieving business model transformation requires constant monitoring to stay on track today and meet the expectations of tomorrow. 

+ Identify the right tools: For smooth sailing as you carry out your plan, you need tools that work for you and your teams. Whether a data collection tool or a master dashboard is what you need, we help identify the appropriate solution so you can visualize your progress.

+ Track your true progress: Your corporate footprint will evolve as you carry out your strategy: from changes in your emissions accounting to newly available data that shift the numbers. And tracking change in your supply chain can be extremely complex and time consuming. This can make progress tracking seem overwhelming. Quantis helps you see clearly and measure your real, year-over-year progress. With this visibility, you can adjust course where necessary.

Credibly communicate your transformation

Want to share your ambitions and progress with the world? Our communications solutions combine scientific expertise with creativity to help you build credible, engaging narratives that resonate with stakeholders. Our experts guide you to pick the right moments and messages when it comes to communicating your climate strategy.

Quantis Team

Ready to talk climate strategy? Meet Charlotte.

Charlotte Bande
Global Head of Climate Strategy

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