Climate strategy is the new business strategy

To secure a future for people and planet, global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 and reduced to net zero by 2050. In recent years we’ve seen companies start to put this in motion — now it’s time to make it happen. This means stepping out of incremental change and into business model transformation. Climate strategy is the new business strategy.

Adopting a science-based climate strategy is the most meaningful action your company can take — not only for the planet, but for your business. Through aligning strategy with a 1.5°C world, you can ensure business resilience while maximizing your company’s contribution to solving the climate challenge. 

A climate strategy guides your company’s transformation — keeping you on track and focused on a common goal. It’s your exit strategy from business-as-usual. Quantis’ Ready, Set, Go approach will equip you with a tailored climate strategy to future-proof your business.

Our approach to climate strategy

Every business is different. Your climate strategy should be, too. Quantis’ tailored Ready, Set, Go approach helps you set the right ambitions for your company.

Climate strategy is the new business strategy

> We start by getting your company ready through zeroing in on your hotspots and building the business case for the transformation ahead.

> Then, we help set science-based objectives for your business and build a roadmap to reach them through the right actions and innovations across value chains, products and business models.

> Finally, we hit “go” and carry out the action plan, identify resources and set the right governance, all while adjusting along the way to set you up for continued success.

Solutions to future-proof your business

+ We help you focus resources on the right areas, driving change effectively and maximizing the impact of your investment.
Using the latest climate science, we bring credibility to your strategy to maintain your license to operate.
+ As your sustainability partner, we help you craft a climate strategy for business resiliency.

A transformative + science-based climate strategy

Whether you’re just starting out, or further along on your climate journey, our tailored approach will set you up for success.

1+ You’ll be poised for business model transformation, with a team that brings together environmental, business strategy and internal engagement experts.
2+ Backed by science, your strategy will rest on robust metrics and the latest climate intelligence, ensuring credibility and stretching beyond climate to include water and land use, biodiversity and more.
3+ Through prioritizing reduction-focused strategies, you’ll maximize impact for the planet and your business.
4+ As climate sustainability influencers, we’ll help take your strategy beyond the best-in-class standards of today, so you’re equipped for the climate sustainability of tomorrow. 

Quantis Team

Ready to talk climate strategy? Meet Charlotte.

Charlotte Bande
Global Head of Climate Strategy

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