Our difference: Infusing the science of sustainability with creativity and storytelling

Our clients choose to work with us to craft their sustainability communications because we bring something unique to the table. That´s the Quant+is difference.

Credible+ Credibility is our rallying cry. With our scientific background and deep understanding of sustainability metrics and standards, we always ensure communications are developed with accuracy and reliability. Safeguard your brand while earning your audience’s trust.

Targeted+ We start by first understanding your audience’s needs, concerns, sustainability awareness and interest levels. Your message needs to be heard and understood by many different stakeholders, so we ensure the method and touchpoints are well-defined for each group.

Storytelling+ Let´s face it, today many sustainability messages are boring. We will never succeed in engaging people with metrics and statistics alone. That´s why we always inject creativity into our work, using both visually engaging design elements and clever language to weave a good story.

"Quantis possesses a unique blend of providing both communications and sustainability strategy expertise and vision. This combination proved to be invaluable in curating and enhancing our sustainability report’s design and content while considering our current and future sustainability evolution."

Robin Connell, Senior Manager, Sustainability & Communication
Del Monte Foods

At Quantis, our communications team follows a few guiding principles to ensure projects are a success and the process is smooth and enjoyable.

First, we get connected:

+With you and your team. We bring together sustainability teams with marketing and communications. We listen to your needs, understand your challenges and align on the objectives for the project and company.

+With the target audience. Whether we are speaking to your colleagues, consumers, customers, or other stakeholder groups, we focus on understanding their perspective, concerns and openness to the message. And we identify the most relevant touchpoints.

We co-create: We believe conversations lead to the best communication projects. That´s why we make sure to have frequent and personal exchanges throughout the project. We bring our clients with us on the creative journey, always starting with a clear and inspiring brief to align on the strategy and message angle.

And we always cross-check: To ensure credibility, we pass all communications through our rigorous scientific quality review before sharing with your audiences. We take great care to uphold our reputation as stewards of environmental science and treat our client´s projects with the same care and transparency.

"Working at Quantis, I love helping our clients communicate effective, persuasive and powerful stories about how they embrace sustainability to make a better world."

Adriana Olaya

Our Squad: the geeky creatives that make the magic happen

We have a multi-faceted team ready to help you develop and share your sustainability stories. We each bring an expertise on a specific area of communications and are versatile enough to support where its needed. We are communications strategists, brand planners, writers, editors, art directors, graphic designers, motion video animators, illustrators, web developers, UI/UX experts, and can cover just about any communications need you have. And of course, we are all trained in sustainability and have a deep passion for making the world a better place.