Unlocking Data Value

Unlock Data QuantisIn sustainability circles, ’tis the season to report. Every day sustainability reports are being published highlighting the great progress that the field is making in environmental impact reduction. For some, however, the publishing of a report is the last chapter, the end of the road…at least until next year’s reporting season. And while you may be looking forward to this collecting-and-reporting hiatus of sorts, you might want to consider the value beyond reporting the environmental data that you’ve spent that last months collecting.


Optimizing the Data

Unlocking Data ValueWe teamed up with some of our partners, including CotyAccoHotels and Mondelez, to present a webinar that provides concrete examples of how companies are indeed unlocking the power of their data. To learn how these and other leaders strengthened their environmental programs, listen to the webinar, “Leveraging Sustainability Data to Create Value Beyond Reporting”, hosted by GreenBiz on May 12th.

While there are many different paths to unlock the value of your data, we focused on four major areas: Strategy & Materiality, Supply Chain Management, Communications, and Internal Engagement


Getting Things Done

AccorHotels is a good example of how to get things done. By identifying relevant hotspots, they were able to set robust and transparent targets taking them from footprint to action. In the last 18 months, Quantis collaborated with AccorHotels on projects that addressed water risk assessmentsupply chain engagementeco-design and innovation as well as B2B sales support and internal engagement. Take a tour of the process in the webinar with Arnaud Herrmann, Groupe AccorHotels VP, Sustainable Development as your guide.


Creating Internal Value for Sustainability

Coty also looked to Quantis to help them increase internal engagement for their sustainability initiatives. Nathalie Perroquin, Coty, Inc. VP, Corporate Sustainability, chose to use Quantis’ Life Cycle Perception game to outline their goals. First, we used the LCP game to survey consumer focus groups on select products and then the business game was played with cross-functional internal teams to increase understanding about environmental impacts and to improve overall support for sustainability initiatives. Listen to the webinar to learn how Nathalie is leading the change at Coty.

To learn more about how you can begin to create value from your environmental metrics, contact Quantis for a complimentary assessment.