Verdantix names Quantis as a Smart Innovator in Product Stewardship

Verdantix Smart Innovators

Quantis was recently recognized as a Smart Innovator in the field of sustainability suppliers by independant research firm Verdantix. The report, Verdantix Smart Innovators: Product Stewardship Solutions, outlines the capacity of 36 different major suppliers, including Quantis, to deliver solutions for 15 different product stewardship goals.

The goal of the report is to help sustainability, environmental and product stewardship leaders to weed through the offers in the field and to guide these decision makers to find the solutions they need. Quantis was primarily recognized for our voluntary product stewardship services, including life cycle assessment and eco-design, as well as for our engagement and communications solutions.

“Quantis is innovative in our approach to product stewardship because we believe in transparent collaboration with our partners,” explains Lori Gustavus, Global Director of Communications & Marketing at Quantis. “We are proud to be recognized by Verdantix for thinking out-of-the-box and helping organizations implement change. The Life Cycle Perception business game featured in the report (see below) is just one example of how we meet challenges differently.”

Verdantix highlights how Quantis’ Life Cycle Perception Business Game is helping companies to engage all internal stakeholders involved in a product’s life, not just those that design it. The report says:

Life Cycle Perception Game Quantis

“This game, played by more than 12,000 people and adopted globally at firms such as Danone, is aimed at making product sustainability easier to understand for all stakeholders and driving firm-wide internal discussion around improvement and engagement. A deeper and more complete understanding of how LCAs work, and more importantly how they help the business as a whole, is critical when it comes to securing budgets from executives who may lack understanding on the technical reasoning behind the potential ROI on these projects.”

For more information or to request Verdantix Product Stewardship Solutions report click here.