Video: Innovation, transparency, metrics and collaboration at COSMOPROF 2019

At COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna in March 2019, Quantis France Director Dimitri Caudrelier highlighted the latest developments in cosmetics sustainability.

Here’s a recap of what it will take for beauty companies to become truly sustainable:

> Embed eco-design: Innovating sustainably looks like L’Oréal’s Sustainable Product Optimization Tool (SPOT) that empowers product designers to make better environmental choices.

> Increase transparency: Companies that lead in sustainability are those willing to be honest about where they are, where they’ve failed, and where they want to be.

> Collaborate with peers: Pre-competitive collaborations such as Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics (SPICE) help to drive industry-wide transformation.

> Set science-aligned targets: As the science of planetary boundaries develop, companies have to align their reduction targets accordingly. For climate strategies, companies are setting science-based targets.

> Let metrics guide you: To validate your sustainability claims and ensure your efforts have a real impact, metrics are key.