Absolute Zero: A climate strategy for business resilience

Join Quantis and partners Microsoft and Gold Standard as we reveal the latest in science-backed climate strategies.

Net Zero Goals and Science-Based Targets are exciting starting points for science-driven climate strategies. Scientists and business leaders understand that we can and should go beyond them to implement effective strategies for long-term change. This is where Absolute Zero comes in. Absolute Zero is a keystone Quantis concept to drive a stable, long-term strategy for sustainable business model transformation. It goes beyond managing incremental improvements and embraces the larger changes needed in supply chain, business model and product innovation to align with long-term business strategy.

Tune in to discover what goes into an Absolute Zero climate strategy, including how to think beyond offsetting and refocus climate efforts to invest in areas that leverage the most effective change, whether at the company, sector or global level.

What you’ll learn

  • The key elements of a credible, science-driven climate strategy
  • The appeal and limits of offsetting
  • The nuances and connections between Net Zero, Science-Based Targets and Absolute Zero
  • The importance for every company to engage long-term business model change in its sustainability journey


Charlotte Bande
Senior Sustainability Consultant

Owen Hewlett
Chief Technical Officer
Gold Standard

Elizabeth Willmott
Carbon Program Manager

Heather Clancy
Editorial Director
GreenBiz Group

Webinar: Absolute Zero

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