Cultivating Resilience: The landscape of business actions for creating a sustainable food system

Hosted by Quantis with WWF + Mars Incorporated

Join Quantis + WWF + Mars Incorporated as we zero in on the most relevant sustainability topics for the food sector and essential steps along the journey to cultivating food system and business resilience. 

The food and beverage sector is at a crossroads. Food-related activities account for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Current production models are unsustainable and one of the most significant drivers of environmental impacts, with major implications for climate stability, ecosystem resilience and business viability. Shifting how we make and consume food is vital for building a resilient future. It is also a smart business strategy, ensuring companies continue to thrive in a resource-constrained world. 

Join Quantis + partners for an interactive session full of insights + practical examples from industry experts to steer your company down a recommended pathway towards becoming a sustainable business.

Transformation of the food system is the strongest lever we have to take the worst-case scenario of climate change off the menu.

Questions we’ll cover

  • What are the most relevant sustainability topics for the food sector today?
  • How can I ensure we’re focusing our efforts and resources in the right place?
  • How do I engage leadership and operations teams in this process?

Our panelists

Jon Dettling
Jon Dettling

Global Director, Services + Innovation


Jason Clay Photo
Jason Clay
Senior Vice President, Markets

Laura Overton
Sustainability Accounting Senior Manager
Mars Incorporated – Global Corporate

Webinar: Cultivating Resilience / Food Report Webinar

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