Delivering Corporate Climate Targets through Responsible Land-Use

Quantifying land use change is critical in enabling companies to develop smart strategies and set science-based supply chain goals. This webinar from Quantis and the Environmental Defense Fund features corporate case studies from Land Use Change Guidance partners Mars and Walmart.

Land Use Change Guidance’s preliminary results +

Last fall, Quantis teamed up with 40+ organizations to launch a pre-competitive initiative to deliver the Land Use Change Guidance in response to the growing demand for deforestation-free supply chains and to shape the future of GHG accounting for climate, forestry and agriculture. The project is now well into its pilot phase where participating partners are carrying out programs that aim to identify potential gaps, refine methodologies and facilitate alignment.

During this webinar, Quantis LUC Guidance coordinator Michèle Zollinger will share preliminary results from our guidance partners and key insights on the importance of collaborative initiatives and how companies can benefit from being part of this groundbreaking initiative.

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