Piloting the Land Use Change Guidance

Land Use Change Guidance webinar

With pressure to establish deforestation-free supply chains and to set science-based GHG targets that include supply chains, organizations have an urgent need for guidance on how to include GHG emissions from deforestation in their corporate GHG accounting, action plans, and goals.

Some 40+ organizations teamed up with Quantis to answer that need. The fruit of this pre-competitive consortium is the “Land Use Change Guidance: Accounting for GHG emissions in the supply chain” (see LUC (now NCS) Guidance page). The guidance includes 14 recommendations to shape the future of GHG accounting for climate, forestry and agriculture. Each step will described in terms of value-added, application, emerging methods and limitations.


The LUC Guidance project is now entering a pilot phase where new and existing companies will participate in pilot programs to indentify potential gaps, refine the methodology and facilitate alignment.

Be part of the change! Tune in to guidance partners, along with Quantis US Director Jon Dettling and LUC Guidance coordinator Michèle Zollinger, as they walk through the topic of deforestation in corporate GHG accounting, the guidance methodology, and discuss how companies can both learn and benefit from being part of this groundbreaking initiative that is expected to shape the future of climate, forestry and agriculture.

Almost there... just a few details and the webinar replay will launch.

Our panelists

Michèle Zollinger
Sustainability Consultant,
LUC Guidance coordinator

Jon Dettling
Director, US and LUC Guidance Lead

Jonathan Horrell
Director Sustainability,
Mondelēz International

Jillian Gladstone
Senior Manager, Forests

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